Life Is Calling

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Three men. Two unclimbed peaks.
Will they be the first? This is their story.

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The Climbers

Adventure is in their blood. They've challenged the world's tallest peaks and now will attempt to go where no person has gone before.

The Crew

The Prizes

One lucky adventurer will be selected on December 12, 2016 to win a brand new 2017 Jeep® Cherokee 75th Anniversary Edition. There were also several weekly prizes given out including a Go Pro Camera, an inflatable kayak package and a The North Face ThermoballTM Hoodie.

The Series

Two never-before-scaled peaks beckon as three men prepare for one of the most coveted achievements in climbing history.

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Episode 1

Reaching the Summit

The peaks of Nepal are calling. An avalanche stopped Gabriel, Pasang Kaji and Elia a year before, but more determined than ever, the Himalayas are once again locked in their sights.

Episode 2

Broken Backs

Elia’s attempt at the Summit is in jeopardy as a previous injury threatens to end his climb before it even begins.

Episode 3

Cold Feet

At 8,000 metres (26,247 feet), the death zone doesn’t have enough oxygen to survive. Gabriel and Elia begin training for the deadly combination of exertion and high altitude that awaits.

Episode 4

Preparing for the Worst

Gabriel and Elia practice critical safety techniques for this completely unknown climb. They know too well that responding quickly to danger can be the difference between life and death.

Episode 5

Ghosts of the Past

Gabriel and Elia head to Peru for their final leg of high altitude training. Lessons learned from a doomed 2009 expedition ready them for Nepal.

Episode 6

Unsung Heroes

We meet Pasang Kaji Sherpa, an expert Nepalese mountain guide, friend of Gabriel and Elia, and instrumental third member of the climbing team.

Episode 7

The Mountain Keeper

Gabriel and Elia reunite with Pasang Kaji in Nepal to begin the last minute preparations. They also check in with “The Mountain Keeper” – a 92-year-old woman who plays an integral role in chronicling Himalayan expeditions.

Episode 8

Spirits of the Mountain

The 10-day trek into the heart of the Himalayan mountains has begun. Past and present finally meet for this first-ever expedition into the unknown.